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Panoramica prodotto


This cable inherits the basic design of the former “DF Series” model, which was a big hit and was the first to adopt the fantastic conductor “DF-OFC” that rewrote the history of TIGLON magnesium cables, and employs the newly developed “D-REN sheath” as a vibration and noise suppressor. The D-REN Pro magnesium spacer, which has been well-received around the world as a vibration-damping item, is used in the cable’s outer sheath to enable even more faithful signal transmission. The “HSE Treatment” burn-in technology, which is also used in the top-of-the-line “TPL-2000 Series,” has been applied to this reference cable, giving it the feel of a flagship model even as a standard model.

Conductor DF-OFC 3-core
Insulator Special PVC
Shield Magnesium shield Outer sheath D-REN sheath

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