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The Silhouette Series SXV2 is a precision phono preamplifier. Featuring two separate low-noise input stages - one tailored specifically for moving coil (MC) cartridges the other for moving magnet (MM), the SXV2 provides the best possible performance for any cartridge. Matching the SXV2 to the cartridge couldn't be simpler; adjusting load resistance, load capacitance, gain and RIAA curve via the external DIP switches.

As with all Perreaux products, the SXV2 features the finest audiophile grade components. The styling of the SXV2 is subtle and discreet, allowing seamless integration into existing hi fi audio systems or the perfect compliment to other products from the Perreaux range.

Specifiche tecniche

Highly Flexible
Selectable MM/MC Low-Noise Input Stages
Excellent Crosstalk Performance
Low Noise Floor
Extensive EMI and RFI Filtering
Enhanced Audio Design
Optimal Circuit and Ground Layout for Improved Noise Floor and Channel Separation
Adjustable Gain
Selectable RIAA Equalisation Curves
Adjustable Load Impedance and Load Capacitance