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Panoramica prodotto

Ridge-dome shaped 1” 99.9% pure magnesium diaphragm tweeter unit ideally disperses partite amplitude vibration. It is driven by powerful alnico magnetic circuitry.
4” HR shaped 99.9% pure magnesium diaphragm mid range unit offers high speed sound without typical metallic taste.
Long voice coil 8” HR shaped woofer unit is used for mid lows to 350Hz featuring 2 x 145mm dia ferrite magnets. The diaphragm is mixture of banana pulp with high elastic carbon and more.
Super long voice coil 8” HR shaped woofer for bottom lows featuring 2 x very large 158mm ferrite magnets realizes high responsibility and powerful movement.
Staggered bass-reflex type enclosure box is divided in two sections optimized for mid low and low driver separately.
The glossy piano finished enclosure box whose front baffle is made of 33mm thick plywood board that consists of 18mm thick Beech plywood and 15mm Camphor and Eucalyptus plywood.
Unique MID controller to adjust the taste of mid and high from 1.6k to 10kHz by +1 to -2dB according to the room environment
Top grade network circuitry consisting of high quality and low loss coils and capacitors and newly developed copper-silver alloyed internal wire with bi-wiring gold plated machined copper terminals


Specifiche tecniche

  • Type: 4-way bass reflex (crossover freq. 1.8kHz / 350Hz / 80Hz)
  • Units: 1” pure magnesium ridge-dome tweeter / 4” pure magnesium HR cone mid range / 8” HR cone woofer / 8” HR cone bottom woofer / Frequency Range: 30Hz – 35kHz (-10dB)
  • S.P.L.: 90dB/W (1m)
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Max. Input: 150W
  • Dimensions: 317(W) x 1,174(H) x 360(D)mm (including base + grille)
  • Weight: 60 kgs