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Panoramica prodotto

Fostex G-series are flagship line of Fostex hifi speaker systems featuring 4” HR shaped pure magnesium Mid Range (G2000a) and 8” HR shaped Woofer drivers in addition to the pure magnesium diaphragm tweeter in order to deliver high fidelity audio reproduction and expression of thrill of music with no compromise.
Model G1302MG is 3-way floor stand type system in symmetrically slanted shape consisting of the world first 5.2” HR shaped pure magnesium woofer, 5.2” HR shaped bottom woofer and 4/5” pure magnesium ridge dome tweeter unit for rich and real audio reproduction.

*HR: Hyperbolic Paraboloidal Rotation

Ridge-dome shaped 4/5” 99.9% pure magnesium diaphragm tweeter unit ideally disperses partite amplitude vibration being driven by double-layered neodymium magnet plus one boost magnet.
5.2” HR shaped 99.9% pure magnesium woofer unit offers high speed lows without typical metallic taste. Also the Up-Down Roll Tangential surrounds supports accurate vertical piston motion.
5.2” HR shaped bottom woofer unit adopts light weight yet highly ridged diaphragm ideal for low frequency reproduction with Up Roll surrounds for rich and high speed lows.
Staggered bass-reflex type enclosure box in symmetrical slanted shape increases the capacity for the bottom woofer unit and also decreases the internal standing wave for high speed yet rich low frequency reproduction.
The glossy piano finished enclosure box is made of 19mm Beech plywood for the baffle board and two-layered 18mm particle board for top, bottom and sides and 15mm MDF for rear.
Unique MID controller to adjust the taste of mid and high from 1.6k to 10kHz by +1 to -2dB according to the room environment
Top grade network circuitry consisting of high quality and low loss coils and capacitors with OFC internal wire with bi-wiring gold plated machined copper terminals


Specifiche tecniche

  • Type: 3-way bass reflex (crossover freq. 1.6kHz / 160Hz)
  • Units: 4/5” pure magnesium ridge-dome tweeter / 5.2” pure magnesium HR cone woofer / 5.2” HR cone bottom woofer / Frequency Range: 45Hz – 55kHz (-10dB)
  • S.P.L.: 85dB/W (1m)
  • Impedance: 6 ohms
  • Max. Input: 100W
  • Dimensions: 275(W) x 1,056(H) x 306(D)mm (including base + grille)
  • Weight: 30.3 kgs