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Panoramica prodotto

Townshend Audio Isolda DCT Digital interconnect maintains the precise sharp transition of the digital signal so that no jitter is added. If the high frequency S/PDIF signal in a digital connection is to arrive intact and without any echoes of itself caused by impedance variations it has to be sent down a 75 ohm conductor. That is why we have stuck to a classic coaxial topology with Isolda DCT Digital.

This cable has a DCT solid copper central conductor in an air blown polyurethane foam web, this is wrapped in DCT copper foil under a DCT copper wire shield inside a PVC jacket. Isolda DCT Digital is available with BNC or collet clamping Neutrik RCA phono plugs, we can also supply this cable with a BNC at one end and an RCA at the other. Note that only BNC offers a true 75 ohm termination.

Isolda DCT Digital has not yet been reviewed but hundreds of satisfied customers are already completely happy with it, with most commenting on what a bargain it is.


Specifiche tecniche

Impedance 75+/-3 Ohm
Capacitance 52+/-3 pF/M
20 degree C
5MHz 0.80 dB/100m
10MHz 1.20dB/100m
50MHz 3.20 dB/100m
100MHz 5.40 dB/100m
200MHz 6.50 dB/100m
300MHz 8.50 dB/100m
470MHz 11.00dB/100m
600MHz 13.50 dB/100m
1000MHz 16.40 dB/100m